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by Edu Balkan - Wednesday, 21 October 2020, 6:56 PM
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The news that came to us from India, that as many as four teachers from the EduBalkan community were ranked among the best teachers in the world and planned for the AKS Education Awards, made everyone in the community feel proud and grateful.

Proud, because we have the best teachers in the world in four of our countries, Serbia, North Macedonia, Croatia and Bosnia , and that they are all an important part of the EduBalkan community team.

Grateful, because we received confirmation that the effort and work pay off, that it is not in vain to do the best you can with your students, and then after school, and often during the night to work with colleagues and students' parents, design new activities and give your all being to the single Balkans Teacher Network, which seeks to network and unite teachers, pupils, students and parents in the region, perhaps even to do what politics and politicians cannot establish in maintaining the peace in the Balkans.

The AKS Education Award, an organization that rewards teachers around the world, is fully committed to its actions in education. They work globally to make a difference in society through a variety of valuable services to their clients around the world. AKS Education Awards recognizes and rewards all stakeholders in education, from teachers, through schools, to school principals. Namely, they believe that a little gratitude can make a lot of difference in society. It helps to develop and embellish professionalism among individuals. Every year, AKS EDUCATION AVARDS recognizes and rewards teachers and other professionals around the world for their services and contributions.

Their goal is to honor and reward outstanding educators for the eminence and efficiency of their teaching, their leadership, their engagement in the community, and their potential for even greater divisions in the healthy developmental aspects of educational programs. Also, AKS AWARD appreciates and recognizes school principals who are in the early or middle stages of their careers, so they reward them for what they have achieved - and for guaranteeing what they will achieve in the future.


So, to present EduBalkan our heroes this year, the best teachers in the world, for 2020:

Sandra Grujevska from Macedonia

Sandra is a special teacher, with various competencies, who with her charisma and commitment to the teaching profession, became a favorite of the region in a short time. She has a sense of teamwork and with her responsibility and willingness to make great sacrifices, she is very quickly recognized as an important and irreplaceable link. From Sandra, everyone can learn how to become recognizable, how to heartily defend the colors of the team and how to build the image of a man of trust with constant availability and dedicated work. Responsibility, commitment and multi-talent are her recommendations. We are very proud that Sandra is now one of the best teachers in the world.


Sandra is an English teacher from Macedonia. Master in International Relations at the American College of Skopje. She is the founder of the STEP BY STEP Language center in Skopje. An english teacher and human rights coach, certified by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Sandra is the creator of a manual for teachers and children called "HUMAN RIGHTS IN EVERY CLASS". In addition, it provides training for teachers and children in the context of experiential learning and a holistic approach to learning. She is a lecturer at various national and international conferences on the methodology of foreign language learning. One of her most significant is Innovate Elt, the Oxford conference in Barcelona, ​​where she was a lecturer on the topic "The Story of my Entrepreneurial life". Sandra also performs the function of MAQS inspector for monitoring and evaluating courses at private language centers. She is the proud owner of the award of the Best Teacher of the former Yugoslavia.


Aleksandra Stanković from Serbia

A teacher from Serbia who, like Sandra, was among the first to recognize the importance of networking in the EduBalkan network and who spends a large part of her time working on networking teachers, coordinating various activities, but also the implementation of specific actions. Aleksandra is now dedicated to arranging and leading the Balkan Parents' Meeting. She is one of those teachers who are able not to sleep, to work day and night, so that the work is done and the action is successfully realized. Its share in creating and putting into operation the Balkan Teachers' Network, which has about 30,000 members, is immeasurable. There are few teachers like Aleksandra and that is why we are especially proud that she is now officially one of the best teachers in the world.


Aleksandra lives and works in Serbia. She is a teacher of music culture in Belgrade. She is the conductor of the large and small choir of his school. She is the founder and president of the Association of Teachers of Music Culture of Serbia, and in that capacity she organizes concerts of school choirs, such as the concert "Let's return a children's song to children". She is especially proud of the project "800 children in 800 years", which aimed to gather 800 children from 20 cities in Serbia, on the occasion of marking the eight centuries of autocephaly of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and for them all to form a single choir. Another important project is "Belgrade Sings", in which small choirs from six Belgrade primary schools participate, when 300 children sang together at the final concert. She is on the list of external associates of ZUOV. Aleksandra is the holder of the title of the Best Teacher of the former Yugoslavia.


Dejan Nemčić from Croatia

Dejan later joined the EduBalkan community, but tried all the time to be present and to help as much as he could. He is a regular participant and companion of our Balkan Zoom Office Cafe, which we are very proud of, and those with Dejan gain additional value. This cheerful young man from Zagreb knows how to motivate other teachers, and it is an incredible refreshment for all of us. The fact is that there are few young people, like him, who have the courage and skills to follow the elderly and experienced, to learn from them and to have that X factor that allows them to stand out and be a model for reputation. We are proud that our Dejan is now officially one of the best teachers in the world.


Dejan is a geography teacher from Zagreb. He is the initiator of numerous projects in teaching geography, such as the project "Live from all continents". Through this project, he includes live lecturers via Skype technology to students during the lesson, while processing individual countries and cities. It is important to mention his second project "Africa we can together", which included 50 Croatian schools who helped with their donations of school supplies to equip African schools. Through his third project "Deforestation of the Amazon forests" he studies and discovers whether the "lungs of the world" are dying. In the action "Notebook life means", this geography teacher deals with the purchase of special notebooks for children living in remote villages in the Amazon forest, or notebooks that can "survive" high humidity. Dejan is also the founder of the humanitarian association "We Can Together" which helps and equips schools in Croatia and third world countries. For his work and enthusiasm, he was awarded numerous prizes, such as: Pride of Croatia 2017, Charter of the City of Garešnica and City Plaque 2017, Teacher Hero - Architect of a Better Future at the Bug Future Show, 2015. consecutively.


Olivera Nedic from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Olivera Nedić from Bosnia and Herzegovina Olivera is a rarely valuable and dedicated person who gave EduBalkan a special color. She, together with Aleksandra from Serbia, bravely develops our action Balkan Parents' Meeting, tirelessly searching for inspiring parents from this part of the world. We are proud that Olivera is now officially one of the best teachers in the world.

Olivera works in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the entity of Republika Srpska, in Doboj. She is a geographer by profession. She started her professional career as a teacher of geography, and later as a teacher of civic education. However, her career is marked by work on social engagement through active work within the Association of Families with Four and More Children "Budućnost 4" Doboj. In addition to becoming an excellent pedagogue and teacher, she managed to translate her motherly role into her mission, by spending all her free time fighting for other large families and realizing their greater rights in the state. She did not miss the big national awards, so in 2016 she was chosen as one of the ten "Most Innovative Teachers in BiH", organized by COI Step by Step. She also won the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship for Teacher Excellence in 2020 and attended the Media Literacy Program at the University of Kent in Ohio, USA. Olivera is also the holder of the title of the Best Teacher of the former Yugoslavia.



Last year, in New Delhi, Zeljana Radojicic Lukic from Serbia received this prestigious award. Alert Knowledge Services from India recognized the Serbian teacher as an authentic leader and last year appointed the first, for now the only, brand ambassador of AKS organization and she is in charge and responsible for the last round of selection of the best teachers from the Balkans world organizations.

In the meantime, Zeljana founded the EduBalkan community and miraculously managed to network 30,000 teachers and parents in the region, including a serious number of teachers, such as Sandra from Skopje, Dejan from Zagreb, Aleksandra from Belgrade and Olivera from Doboj. Since this global award aims to recognize exceptional teachers from all over the world who contribute to their profession, Željana also decided to justify the trust placed in AKS EDUCATION AWARDS. She decided to do that and managed to open the door to all great teachers in the region, through the EduBalkan network, and illuminate them individually in the full light of their work and everything they invest during their work in their classrooms across the region. Awards will come to this area in the coming years, and the EduBalkan community, as a partner of Alert Knowledge Services, will do its best to reward the best in the future.

Alert Knowledge Services from India recognized a special quality in the Serbian teacher and decided to appoint her as the first, for now and only, Brand Ambassador of AKS organization and she will be in charge and responsible for the last round of selection of the best teachers from the Balkans at the next competitions. reputable world organizations.


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